Multisport and Sea Kayaks -
            Made in New Zealand

The Raider

Carbon /Kevlar hull with fibreglass deck
Fibreglass hull and deck
The Raider

The Raider is the second of Drunken Monkeys 'R' series. The hull shapes are similar to Renegade's race winning design but lengthened to 6 meters and featuring more flare above the waterline. Water line beam remains the same as Renegade. The extra width at the deck adds ultimate stability without limiting speed the way a fatter waterline would. There are many styling revisions including changes to cockpit and seat arrangements to allow easier and faster entry and exit from the boat. The paddle recess behind the cockpit is now wider longer and deeper. Clamp the paddle across the deck with one hand to help stabilse the Kayak as you enter. The seat is redesigned to flex and contour with your body.

The Raider

The Raider is ideally suited to paddlers of 80 - 100 kg but handles an even larger paddler very well. The kayak pictured is the first Raider and my own personal boat. It handles my 105 kg with ease.

A standard construction glass boat will weigh 17 kg.

Kevlar/carbon hull with glass deck 15 kg.

Weights vary slightly because all DMK kayaks are hand built.

All prices quoted include GST and freight to main centres through New Zealand and are based on a one or two colour deck and white hull Im happy to quote on other combinations of colour.