Multisport and Sea Kayaks -
            Made in New Zealand

The Renegade

The Renegade is an entirely new design. It's 5.2 meters long, and 500mm wide.

If you are a beginner through intermediate paddler weighing between 60 and 80kg, you will appreciate this fast, stable and maneuverable boat.

The Renegade moves silently and easily, making little wake and building speed quickly. The hull is a true Swede-form with its widest and deepest sections behind the cockpit for better speed and quicker handling. The fullness of the hull extends forward into the area of the foot pegs to give more stability than other boats in its class as well as more dynamic lift and lower drag. The Renegade is now a proven performer. It's FAST!


2008 Coast to Coast!

Launching day

I love the turquoise and yellow colour combination

Stern details

17 pieces of fabric and mat forming a rigid and stable hull ready for joining to the deck

Lots of room and the lumbar support seat

Paddling at speed

Straight from the oven... oops, I mean mould!


The long waterline runs the full length of the hull for maximum speed and the raised bow and arched deck give massive reserves of bouyancy to keep the boat high and dry in rough water. This is a boat that will help a novice but also be appreciated by experienced paddlers.

A standard construction glass boat will weigh 13 - 14 kg.

Kevlar/carbon/glass boats are 12.5 - 13kg and tougher.

Weights vary slightly because all DMK kayaks are hand built.

Rudder is from Kengineering and pegs are Ozo