Multisport and Sea Kayaks -
            Made in New Zealand

Contact Drunken Monkey Kayaks

Some days its very difficult to answer the phone. It's an occupational hazard for anyone working with composites. The resin is going to go hard in another seven minutes and the phone is ringing. For a microsecond you wonder who is calling but then you learn to switch off and keep working. Some days the phone doesnt get answered at all.

I'm sorry about that. Please do call and leave a message on

027 329 9878

and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Better still email and I should be able to answer on the same day.

Fax: 03 547 3016

Click the link below. Thanks for your interest.

(Please leave the word "KAYAK" in the subject of the email as we use it for SPAM filtering purposes)