Multisport and Sea Kayaks -
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About Drunken Monkey Kayaks

I had no idea how these things work, so I designed one to find out

My name is Rick Carter and Im the Head Designer, Workshop Manager, Human Resources Team Leader and Marketing VP for Drunken Monkey Kayaks.

I've been building and designing boats since I left uni in 1984. For over 20 years my work has varied from building hi-tech vacuum bagged carbon/kevlar yachts to designing and creating plugs and moulds for a huge range of consumer junk. We've made shower cubicles, camper van tops, car panels, boats. Even a case for a ukelele.

In the mid 90's when I moved to Nelson, I took a job in a local fibreglass workshop. One of the things we did was making kayaks for Grahame Sisson. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of esprits and eliminators, along with a handful of arctic raiders. We did plugs and moulds for a couple of his designs too.

It turns out this one works quite well

Till that time my boating was about sailing and fishing but making all those kayaks got me very interested. One trip through the Abel Tasman and I was totally hooked. There just isn't any other boat that can take you as silently and swiftly as a kayak into those wonderful places and let you interact so closely with nature once you get there.

After a stint building yachts again and a couple of wooden kayaks for myself and partner I wound up working on the plugs for the breaksea2 ,saracen and saracenX. I learned a little bit more, but working as part of a team means compromising.And like a chain a design team is only as strong as its weakest link. I did the only thing I could and took a part time job while I set up what has become Drunken Monkey. In the spring of 2005, the first model, Renegade, was ready and immediately impressed with its speed and stability. Today we make an expanding range of kayaks. Raider and Raptor are simply the best entry level ms kayaks in their respective weight ranges. Viper continues to embarrass my competitors intermediate level boats and challenges even the very fastest hulls.